BetterMe Creating Freedom Within

7/8 Leggings & Bra Set

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Comfort, confidence, freedom. A matching crossover back bra and high-waisted leggings in colors representing the Ukrainian flag.
Children above all else
50% of the profit will be donated to help affected children.*
The funds will be donated to UNICEF Ukraine.
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Pink Vanilla Long Sleeve
Pink Vanilla Long Sleeve
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A vanilla pink sweatshirt with a soft neckline and an ideal length to feel at your comfiest 100% of the time.

A vanilla pink sweatshirt with a soft neckline and an ideal length to feel at your comfiest 100% of the time.

How to measure
1. Bust
To ensure a comfortable fit, measure your under-arms around the fullest part of chest.
2. Waist
To measure your waistline, wrap a measuring tape around your natural waist at belly button level.
3. Hips
Measure around the thickest part of your body at hip level.
4. Inseam

Wear your favorite pair of pants, take off the shoes and measure from waist seam to floor.

Wear them until they're comfortable enough for length without being too snug or loose around any high-impact areas - like knees!

BetterMe Creating Freedom Within
BetterMe Creating Freedom Within
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Together, we can make the world a better place.
Russia deprived me of my home twice

In 2014, Russia deprived me of my home in Donbas. In 2022, Russia attacked my second home in Kyiv. The Russian army is bombarding our cities and ruining the lives of millions. But their crimes against humanity are only uniting us and showing the world the strength, resilience, and determination of the Ukrainian people. We stand for freedom, and we will prevail over the evil designs of a single malicious man.

World peace is hanging in the balance, but our oneness won’t let the darkness take control. Freedom is running through our veins, and nothing can stop us from fighting for what’s rightfully ours.

Like all of us here in Ukraine, I fear for my life and those of my loved ones. Like all of us, I feel helpless in the face of an unjust war, and so I'm focusing on what I can control. For my part, I am doing what I can by securing financial stability for our employees here at BetterMe, and donating half of the purchase price of our new Freedom within matching set to UNICEF for the sake of the millions of Ukrainian children whose lives have been upended by this senseless war. Like everyone around the world, I'm looking with hope towards the future - and the freedom - that Ukraine is fighting for.

Victoria Repa, CEO BetterMe
The attack on Ukraine reminds us of the need for global unity. As a worldwide community dedicated to a better tomorrow, we remain determined to work together, stand up for freedom, and support a safe and stable future for Ukrainians.
When you choose this BetterMe Creating Freedom Within Set, your donations help Ukrainian children, and clearly show your support for:
A free world
A safe world
A world without fear
A better tomorrow

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