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Personalized health plan included

Personalized health plan included

Syncs with BetterMe app

Syncs with BetterMe app

All-in-one tracker

All-in-one tracker

Up to 10-days Battery Life[1]

Up to 10-days Battery Life[1]

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Keeping track of your health & fitness has never been easier
Keeping track of your health & fitness has never been easier

BetterMe Band collects and syncs up all the data in real time even if you’re away from your phone.

Any time you need to pull up your health history, just open up the BetterMe app and get a quick overview whenever you need it:

  • daily activity & step count
  • heart rate measurement
  • sleep quality and duration
  • calories burned
  • daily water intake
The band works in perfect sync with BetterMe App
The band works in perfect sync with BetterMe App

Download BetterMe: Health Coaching and get a personalized plan that covers everything you need to reach your health & fitness goals. Workouts? Check! Meal plans? Check! Coach support? You got it!

  • Connect your BetterMe Band to the app in a few easy steps;
  • Get a personalized health plan based on your goals and needs;
  • Receive weekly plan updates based on the data collected from the BetterMe Band.
  • Start smashing your goals. It's that easy!
Your daily activity, heart health and sleep quality are the key to a healthy life
Your daily activity, heart health and sleep quality are the key to a healthy life

Let the BetterMe Band do all the tracking for you!

Step counter. Get motivated to move around more by staying on top of your daily activity.

Heart rate indicator. Stay health-aware and keep your heart in prime shape.

Sleep tracker. Stop feeling tired and improve your energy by optimizing your sleep patterns.

More about BetterMe Band
More about BetterMe Band

BetterMe Ambassadors

  • The battery life of BetterMe Band may vary depending on the manner of use, settings, operating conditions, and other factors.
  • BetterMe Band is not a medical device. It is not intended to predict, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. You should not rely on metrics obtained while the band is used for any medical purposes. Any data available via our product should only be used for managing your general fitness state and well-being. In case you have any concerns about your health, please сonsult with a healthcare provider.
  • BetterMe Band is rated with IP68 Water Resistance, which means that it is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes in freshwater. It is not advisable to use the band in salt water. The band shall be removed while taking a hot shower/bath, sauna, diving, surfing, or during any other similar activities.
  • BetterMe Band will analyze the amount of time during which you had a light and deep sleep at night. Сurrently, the band doesn’t support the detection of afternoon naps or abnormal sleep.
  • “By “Limited Warranty", we mean our obligation within 1 year or 2 years (depending on the country of your residence) after receiving of BetterMe Band by you to (1) repair the band or replace it with a new one for free, or if this is impossible for whatever reason to (2) refund you in case the initially purchased band had any manufacturing defects. More information about our limited warranty is available at
  • All BetterMe Band’s images available above are used for illustrative purposes only for demonstrating its functionality, so the actual product may slightly differ (including but not limited to appearance, color, pictures etc.).
  • In case you have a pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, or other implanted device, we strongly recommend you consult your healthcare provider and/or a manufacturer of the implanted device before using BetterMe Band. Utilizing the band together with the implanted device may have an adverse effect on the last and as a consequence – your health state.
Still have questions?
What is the delivery time for BetterMe Band?

We aim to get your order shipped as quickly as possible, even if it’s during the busy holiday season! Delivery takes 10 – 25 business days from the day you place an order, depending on where you live.

Do you ship internationally?

Free international shipping is included with the purchase of the band, and we’ll make every effort to ensure it arrives at your country’s destination, no matter the distance.

Does BetterMe Band work without a phone?

It does! If the band is disconnected from the device, it will continue tracking all the metrics. As soon as you connect your phone to wi-fi and the band, all the data will show up on the app.

Does BetterMe Band work both with iOS and Android?

Yes, it’s compatible with both systems.

Is BetterMe Band waterproof for swimming and water aerobics?

Our water-friendly fitness band can be used for shallow water activities.

What is the limited warranty period for the band?

Our limited warranty is valid for 1 (one) year from the delivery date of BetterMe Band. An exception is applicable if you reside in the European Economic Area and bought the Product there – in such a case the limited warranty period is 2 (two) years from the delivery date. If you want to know more about our limited warranty terms, please review them at